Do you provide support during recovery in Belgrade for persons who travel alone?

How should I prepare for surgery?

Where can I stay after the surgery?

What is the price for the apartment?

When can I expect your respond after I contact you through Contact Form?

Who am I supposed to be in contact with regarding my surgery?

Is it possible to have the consultation before the surgical procedure?

How do we arrange for a consult/pre-op appt?

How far out is Dr. Miro scheduled?

The following are the procedures I would be interested in having done in the 1-stage procedure: hysterectomy, metoidioplasty, urethral lengthening, and scrotal implants.

What are the requirements before getting Metoidioplasty with Dr. Miro?

How soon before the surgery do you need the recommendation letters completed?

How soon before surgery do you need blood work completed and tests on HIV, Hepatitis B and C?

Are there any requirements like a certain BMI or weight for phalloplasty?

Does Dr. Miro perform the surgery only in Serbia?

What is the difference in complete treatment for Serbian and foreign citizens?

What are the important details that each patient needs to do before coming to Belgrade?

When do I have to arrive in Belgrade before the surgery?

How can I arrive from the airport to the clinic?

How long will the surgery last?

Who will perform the hysterectomy and vaginectomy?

Are you willing to do a phalloplasty without a hysterectomy? I understand the vagina will need to be left open; the testicles will not be joined; and that urethral extension is usually problematic.

I would like to do phalloplasty without urethral extension. And to do glansoplasty in the same surgery. (I am not planning on getting an erectile device implant.) This means one surgery altogether. Is this possible?

How long will I have to use local dihydrotestosterone jelly?

How long will I have to use vacuum pump after the surgery and how often?

How long will I have the suprapubic urine drainage?

Do you create one sac or two sac scrotum?

Do you use mons pubis fat to fill the scrotum instead of implants?

Is mons resection included in the Metoidioplasty package?

What is the size of the testicle prostheses that you use?

How do you create the urethra?

Do you do urinal hook up with metoidioplasty?

Where do you harvest buccal mucosa graft from?

Is the neopenis always circumcised?

Do you perform one stage surgery?

How many surgeries are needed to have the complete urethral lengthening?

Do you perform mastectomy and when can I make a schedule for my mastectomy?

How many mastectomies do you perform per year?

Where do you send the patients once their needs excess the capability of your clinic?

How long do I have to stay in Belgrade after the surgery?

How long will I need to be off work after the surgery?

What is your complication rate and what type of complications have you encountered for this type of surgery?

What is the most common complication that can occur after the surgery?

I am now able to get more urine from the tip. However, when I urinate I can feel uncomfortable pressure where the vagina used to open. Then the large amount of urine is leaking out of the tip for several hours after urinating. My doctor thinks there is an internal fistula as well. It seems as if it is emptying into where the vaginal cavity used to be and then coming out. Should I still just continue on with urination through urethra?