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Everytime I pee I think about you!!
Isnt that great:)

Hug from Jim
Tuesday, February 11 2014 - 09:45 PM
Alexandre Baril
Metoidioplasty Testimony

I had a full metoidioplasty with urethral lengthening in a one-stage procedure in November 2013 performed by Dr. Djordjevic (Dr. Miro) and his team. I must say that I am 150% satisfied, not only by the results of the surgery itself (everything works perfectly), but with the team and the kind of care I received in Belgrade. It is fair to say that it is the BEST health care experience of my life.

Firstly, Dr. Miro and his team really care about you; they are honest (although this is their job, they don’t do these surgeries just for money, the patient is their primary concern), very talented, competent, skillful, compassionate, sympathetic, and supportive. During the three weeks I spent in Belgrade after the surgery, I never felt alone in the recovery process; every day a member of the medical team visited me at the apartment to check on me, change my bandages, etc. And even now that I am back home, I have received emails from the team and am sure that they will respond quickly and professionally if I have any new questions or concerns. Communicating with the team, in English, is always easy. This is very important to me because so many other surgeons are too busy to answer your emails or phone calls, dismissive of your concerns, or simply not interested in following up with you. This is not the case with the team of surgeons in Belgrade: they are always there for you.

Secondly, to choose this team is to choose peace of mind for the entire surgery and recovery process because they take care of you from A to Z. They pick you up at the airport, bring you to a nice, fully-furnished apartment where they can visit you every day while you convalescence, give you the medications you need, etc. Everything is well thought out and organized: they even provide a local phone and cell phone to communicate with the team if necessary, Internet in the apartment, and information about the town and nearby convenience stores, groceries, etc. It makes a huge difference because you don’t have to worry about all these little things and you can focus on your health and recovery.

Thirdly, not only are they very competent, but very friendly. In Canada (Quebec) where I come from, I have never experienced a similar relationship with my health care professionals, because in Canada you are only a patient and very often you feel like a burden or a number in the health care system. In Serbia with Dr. Miro’s team you feel like you are a human being that they really care about. They are interested in talking with you, sending you emails, bringing you to the restaurant, etc. You have a relationship with them and you feel that you and your health really matter to them.

Finally, Belgrade is a beautiful and safe city. My partner who came with me really enjoyed visiting the town, all the coffee shops and restaurants right next door to the apartment, and the wonderful historical park with the fortress. Serbians are welcoming and almost everyone speaks some English.

Dr. Miro and his team (Dr. Marta, Dr. Gradimir, Dr. Borko, etc.) changed my life and I will always be grateful to them. I would recommend to every guy who wants this kind of surgery to come here, because I consider Dr. Miro’s team the BEST in the world.

Alexandre Baril, Ph.D.
University of Ottawa, Canada
Thursday, December 26 2013 - 04:00 PM
"My dearest Miro,

Today Buddy turned one years old....

Today, a year ago, my childhood dream was completely fulfilled.

You are like a father to me, in that you gave me life. And also the compassion and generosity.

I moved back to America a while ago, to Portland, Oregon. Please let me know if you are ever on the West Coast, it will be great to see you outside of St. Medica!!

By the way, it IS possible to use a urinal with my pants on! It makes me really happy when another man walks in while I'm using it; I like to show off that I am REAL, hahahaha!


Gavriel (Gavrilo)"

P.S. There is a Yahoo group where FTM's people share their experiences and photos. I was looking through the albums to find mine so that I could add recent pictures. There was this one picture that amazed me, and made me jealous of whoever had such a beautiful phalloplasty. I looked to see who the surgeon was, and sure enough, it was done by Dr. Djordjevic. Then I took a closer look at the subtitle, and realized it was a picture of ME 5 weeks post-op!!!!
Saturday, September 14 2013 - 01:02 AM
Dear Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic,

Thank you very much for coming to Hungary and doing my surgery with Dr. Noémi Bordás. I am really sorry that I could not thank you in person for your help, so I decided that I write you here. I really appreciate that such a busy, well known and great doctor helped with his knowledge and experience. This surgery gives me hope for a more fulfilling and happier life. Thanks for everything.

Saturday, May 25 2013 - 06:20 PM
Мы приехали из Казахстана. Мой младший брат родился с диагнозом стволовая гипоспадия. Проделано было 3 операции и все безрезультатно. У брата страх перед некомпетентными врачами долго не давал ему взяться за лечение. Брат ездил в Москву к известным врачам-андрологам. Были уже назначены даты операций. Но я его убедила искать других врачей за границей . Мы с ним поехали в Израиль к доктору Бен-Хаим, но он отказался исправлять грубейшие ошибки прежних операций . Были на консультации у доктора Юза Хен, который посоветовал нам искать врачей в Сербии, Италии, Англии, Германии. Остановились на Сербии: хорошие отзывы в интернете на русском языке, приемлемая цена , и самое главное , между нашими странами не нужна виза.
Хотим выразить благодарность Доктору Мирославу Джорджевичу и его команде. С момента начала переписки доктор ответил нам сам лично. Это приятно удивило, что не было никаких посредников. Выслали фото, получили ответ, что будет проведен оптимальный варианта операции, дальше переписка с анестезиологом, потом с доктором Мартой насчет встречи и квартиры. Все было понятно : и насчет подготовительных действий перед операцией , и насчет сдачи необходимых анализов. Организация встречи, регистрация в стране, жилищно-бытовые проблемы – все было решено очень четко и быстро. С момента приезда в Сербию мы почувствовали полную уверенность, что попали в надежные руки:
-во первых это высокого профессионализма Доктор и его команда- доктор-анестезиолог Градимир Корак , Доктор Марко, Доктор Марта, Доктор Владимир, прекрасный сестринский персонал.
-во-вторых это интеллигентные, культурные, тактичные, дружелюбные люди, которые терпеливо отвечали на все наши вопросы.
СЛАВА БОГУ, что есть такие врачи. Просто очень обидно , что в жизни они не встречаются сразу и им приходится и лечить , и исправлять чужие ошибки.
Операция прошла без всяких осложнений , удачно. Дальше работа по удлинению вакуумной помпой.
Через 2 недели после нашего пребывания , приехала сестра вылечить дочери келоидный рубец, доктор Мирослав и эту проблему решил. Сестра с мужем остались очень довольные результатом.
Белград нам очень понравился : и природа, и люди , и кухня, и шопинг. Остались только приятные воспоминания. Всем своим знакомым мы рассказываем, что есть прекрасная страна Сербия и прекрасные врачи. Вот вроде и все. Если кто-нибудь заинтересовался, пишите мне на мой емайл, отвечу на все вопросы:
Wednesday, May 15 2013 - 09:26 PM
K. Wilson
You're site really gave me some in-depth knowledge of what my friend is going through right now.

I think it's great what you and your team are doing for people.
Wednesday, May 01 2013 - 09:04 PM